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Aliph Jawbone 1st Gen

$130.00 Released May, 2008

Product Shot 1 The Pros:DARPA approved noise cancellation - really works nicely. Attractive styling. Great packaging.

The Cons:Uncomfortable and heavy - hard to keep in ear. Hidden buttons are a little spongy, difficult to press. Even with changeable ear loops and buds it doesn't fit well.

Aliph's Jawbone is a noise canceling Bluetooth headset that uses technology developed for the United States military. The Jawbone's technology actively measures the ambient noise in the environment and filters them out so you better hear the person on the other end.

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Product Shot 2 At the same time the voice-activated sensor that measures vibrations from your jawbone (hence the name) identifies and amplifies your voice so that your voice is clear while talking.

One of the standout features of the Jawbone is its stylish and unique design. Two buttons are hidden on the outside of the headset, one that is located on the perforated surface, and the other located as the black piece of plastic. The perforated button is used for turning the Jawbone on and off, answering/ending calls, redialing, and transferring a call from headset to handset and back. The black button is the Noise Shield that turns toggles noise canceling activation, rejects a call, or adjusts the Jawbone's volume. The headset itself will automatically adjust the volume of your voice, however there are five different volume settings available for more control.

The included battery life is rated at 6 hours of talk time and 120 hours in standby. Using the included cord the headset can be charged through USB, or through a plug with the included AC adapter. To accommodate the variations in people's facial structure Aliph includes four different ear loops, and six ear buds that can be interchanged to achieve the best fit. The headset has a maximum range of 30 feet.

Also consider the Gennum nxZEN NX6000 which features similar noise cancelling performance in a smaller design.

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    DARPA approved noise cancellation - really works nicely

  • 6

    Attractive styling

  • 6

    Great packaging

  • 3

    Extremely adjustable for different ear sizes - comes with different size hooks and ear pieces

  • 2

    Good customer service

  • 1

    designed by world famous industrial designer Yves Behar

  • 1

    comes in three colours

  • 1

    volume automatically adjusts to ambient levels

  • 1

    30-foot range

  • 0

    great sounding - designed with a focus on sound quality

  • 4

    Uncomfortable and heavy - hard to keep in ear

  • 3

    Hidden buttons are a little spongy, difficult to press

  • 2

    Even with changeable ear loops and buds it doesn't fit well

  • 1

    fell off my ear and lost it one hour after buying it

  • 1

    high price point

  • 1

    no volume control buttons

  • -3

    Wind still causes problems

  • -3

    Doesn't consistently connect to cell phone

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mrex: #aliph_jawbone_1st_gen I've owned many earpieces, wired and wireless, in my day. Motorola, Plantronics, Sony... honestly, I'd given up on Bluetooth headsets as irredeemable junk. Always falling off my ear, poking or getting hung on my glasses, or running out of battery; they always felt cheaply made and more of a show-offy gimmick than anything. To my mind, the novelty just wasn't worth the terrible sound quality and unreliability.

I changed my mind when, at the recommendation of a co-worker, I picked up a Jawbone for the first time. I did test calls, and standing in the wind, next to a large outdoor generator, or next to a shower running on full blast, the person at the other end didn't realize I wasn't in a quiet room on the handset! Wow.

It's built sturdy, too: nothing rattles when the case is shaken vigorously, a prime annoyance for me with other sets. Who wants some toy-like hunk of plastic hanging off their ear making obnoxious rattling noises all the time? Others have complained of the Jawbone's bulk, but with the right ear piece and ear bud selected, I have to say that I think it's just right: enough to keep it firmly planted in my ear at all times, but not so much that I notice that it's there. I've laid down on it a number of times, forgetting it was still clipped on at all.

Now, life-changing experience though it has been for me, the Jawbone does have some flaws. For one thing, as many people note, the buttons could be better. They're not bouncy or rattle-y, at least (cough cough Motorola cough), but it's hard to tell when you've made positive contact as opposed to just depressing the case. The charger design is beautifully bizarre -- although it would no doubt have interrupted the case lines much more than the current design, I'd have preferred a standard USB port so I wouldn't have to lug the special cable everywhere I want to charge from.

Form clearly dictated functional design of the Jawbone, for better and worse. It is a beautiful device with an almost organic high-tech look that manages to be cutting edge and dignified simultaneously. It's comfortable and reliable with good battery life. It lives up to every bit of the "DARPA technology" hype and the military-budget price tag: voice quality that sets a new standard, and you can use it in everyday situations, like noisy traffic or a storm, that other headsets just can't handle.

If you're contemplating spending the $40-$60 for an "entry level" BT headset, my advice is to save your money and spring for one of these later on instead. For not all that much more money, it's such a dramatic jump in performance that it's probably the difference between a device you will still be using in three months and one that will be collecting dust in a drawer. Jan 11, 08
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amyhoit: #aliph_jawbone_1st_gen Bought it, tried to use it for a month, but I had to return it. I would call people and I could hear them but they couldn't hear me. Or they would call me and the same thing would happen. It is also pretty uncomfortable. It's really heavy so a little shake of the head and it comes off. The return was easy and I got my money back quickly. Oct 7, 07
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